Brooklyn School of Inquiry, K-1 Media Literacy & Ed Tech from the Ground Up

Today I had a glorious first day of consulting at the brand new Brooklyn School of Inquiry (PS 686), a gifted and talented magnet school in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. I'll be getting in on the ground floor this year to help the staff build media literacy concepts and integrated technology projects into their inaugural K-1 curriculum, which they will eventually expand to K-8.

After talking media literacy, strategizing on building student tech skills, and touring thebeautiful new facilities, I got my mind around what fills this opportunity with so much promise. This talented and enthusiastic, small staff has the potential to collaboratively develop a curriculum from scratch, with awareness of media literacy education, in a brand new building that is amply-equipped and online, for a fresh crop of kids! Fewer obstacles and variables. Less to undo.

To finish off the day I sat down with 686 staff and educators from the Brooklyn Historical Society to begin sketching out a series of activities and productions involving critical student analysis, selection and creation of multimedia artifacts for some sort of school historical archive, possibly collected in, or elsewhere online.

Our residency at 686 will also be focused on helping the staff develop effective uses of their eChalk online learning network for publishing student work, school administration, collaborating on and archiving teaching resources, and communicating with parents and the public. Read more about the genesis of BSI in the NY Times from September 9th, 2009, stay tuned to TMS for news of how the history of these little people, and this new school is taking shape online.

You should add “NO BARE FEET” to that sign behind you.
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