District 8 Arts Educator Forum - Deconstructing Digital Art.

Rhys Daunic of The Media Spot will introduce the concept of media literacy, the expansion of traditional foundations of reading and writing to new media, then demonstrate how media literacy standards can be used to expand traditional middle school curricula through activities in this hands-on workshop.  Co-Host Gregory Freelon, Digital Film Teacher at Soundview Academy, will be on hand to unpack model digital media critique activities he's used to engage Soundview students.  


Middle School media arts teachers, and middle school teachers across disciplines interested in integrating critical deconstruction and production of media in their classrooms


Participants will leave with: 

  1. an understanding of how to use the Key Questions and Concepts of Media Literacy as a foundation for critiquing media in specialized forms
  2. models of online platform for student deconstruction of digital media
  3. a variety of software to enable student interaction with digital texts and their community
  4. hands-on experiences partcipating in digital media critique and production activites appropriate for adaptation across middle school academic departments

Run of Show

Open the Agenda on Google Docs

  1. Media Literacy in Middle School
  2. Hands on Critique & Production Activities
  3. Q&A and Reflection Recording

Activity Links

Activity 1 - Concept Analysis

Soundview Accountable Talk Blog; Watch the Soundview Videos (2min); Open this Padlet Wall and respond

Activity 2 - Content Analysis

Renee & Rhys Deconstruct Brainpop Video, Watch the opening shot of the short film, Of the Unknown (1 min); add critique in Quicktime Player or Popcorn (see below)

Activity 3 - Reflection Recording

Use this flipgrid.com/#bfcd9f1b to record


Software Tools Used Today

  1. Padlet.com
  2. Quicktime Player
  3. Mozilla Popcorn Maker
  4. Flipgrid
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