What we do: Teacher Ed & Professional Development.

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Our constantly evolving media landscape has positioned all of us--from Kindergarteners to tenured teachers--as learners, providing unprecedented opportunities to rethink what can happen in and out of the classroom.

Teacher education and professional development are crucial components of the TMS model for establishing sustainable media literacy programs in K-12 schools. We believe teachers must reflect on their own perspectives, biases, hopes and fears around media use, consumption and production to effectively open their pedagogy to opportunities emerging through new technologies.

Embedded professional development in K-12 schools allows TMS to raise the media literacy of school personnel and incorporate media literacy education into the schoolwide curriculum.


  • Project-based work that challenges pre-service and in-service teachers to plan, execute and analyze learning experiences that blend existing teaching goals with media literacy practices and productions using new technologies in learning environments
  • Workshops that engage teachers in the role of students expanding their own media literacy through project-based work (e.g. using digital tools to create resources to solve problems in their learning environment)
  • Collaboratively planned and co-facilitated media projects, productions, activities, and units of study with professors, leaders of nonprofit organizations, and administrators and faculty in K-12 schools
  • Collaboratively planned video productions that encourage educators to think metacognitively, articulate best practices, and investigate challenges of teaching and learning, using these productions as opportunities to share work with colleagues and TMS staff as a way to reflect on and discuss the possibilities for media literacy in their work
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