Our Process & Services.

Simplifying the infusion of digital & media literacy into complex school curricula

TMS works with educators to use the principles of inquiry and project-based learning to:

  1. Engage new media technologies, ways of communicating, and digital skills through content-driven student productions, and
  2. Layer essential competencies of media literacy onto existing learning objectives and standards during the production process.  

Development of media literacy (ML) curriculum through embedded professional development

TMS works with K-12, college and graduate level educators on:

  • ML Curriculum planning infused into existing pedagogical goals
  • Creation and customization of vertically integrated curriculum maps for integrated media literacy

  • Enhancement of existing units of study with digital tools & ML concepts
  • Interdisciplinary planning to bridge "tech" or "arts" with traditional academic departments  
  • Staff workshops on ML concepts & hands-on learning of digital literacy tools
  • In-class co-teaching & modelling of best practices

Project-based Learning & Documentary Production for Professional Development

TMS works with educators and organizations to: 

  • Produce authentic videos from within classrooms and other learning environments that capture and clarify, and promote learning processes, teaching practices, and learning experiences
  • Facilitate & collaborate on digital media productions that take place within authentic learning environments

Web Development, Communication Systems & Consultation for Delivery of Digital Content

TMS works with educators and organizations to: 

  • Design digital infrastructure to support media literacy in learning environments
  • Build systems of staff & student communication, hardware purchasing & web-based platforms for supporting digital curriculum development (i.e. Learning Management Systems (LMS), social media & website strategies) 
  • Assist in delivering multimedia web content
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