Popcorn Maker: Web Video Argument Remixes.

What's Popcorn

Popcorn Maker helps you easily remix web video, audio and images into cool mashups that you can embed on other websites. Drag and drop content from the web, then add your own comments and links —all within your browser. Popcorn Maker videos are dynamic, full of links and unique with every view.

Use Popcorn to identify, build on, or take apart an argument

Level 1 Remix: get to know how to use Popcorn, and review elements of an argument

  • state the argument using pop-up text
  • define a counter argument to this argument using text
  • state wether you agree or disagree using pop-up text

Level 2 Remix: use Popcorn to develop your thinking into a strong, layered argument

  • add images and videos on top of the video that will help someone understand the argument 
  • find video(s) that take a point of view on an issue you care about
  • “fact-check” the videos by adding pop-up text and links
  • point out facts vs. opinion using media tools
  • make pop-up notes about the tactics someone is using to make their argument
  • add support to the argument using pop-up text, quotes, or links
  • counter arguments with pop-up text, links, or by adding other videos around them
  • build a mashup of argument clips from different videos that support your point of view

Student instructions for Mozilla Popcorn Maker

  1. For the introduction work in groups of 2
  2. Go to this sample argument related to the Donald Sterling case and click REMIX
  3. Go to https://popcorn.webmaker.org/ and click “Sign In”, add your email and create a password; Then check your email and confirm that you signed up for the account by clicking the Popcorn Maker link.  IF you don’t have an email, you can work in Popcorn, but you will not be able to save you work.
  4. When you are finished, click "Save", then click "Present" in the upper right, and copy/paste the address of your project into a comment on this page.

For additional Help go to this tutorial video:

https://mozteach.makes.org/popcorn/1boj (the REMIX function seems broken, so just watch the video)


Submitted by Rhys on

Oswaru, you've still got time. Try using the "skip" feature to skip the parts of the interview you don't need to make your argument. That will keep the audience focused on what you want them to consider.

Submitted by sheriff (not verified) on

the pop-ups are too brief

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I really enjoyed your video. I liked the video you chose for your argument. It kept the person watching the video entertained. I don't really have anything bad to say about the video.

Good Work Kid!

Submitted by Lee -Ann (not verified) on

It was overall was good but I did not like the X over the ladies face and it was too fast so I was unable to read your comments

Submitted by Ramsey (not verified) on

You chose a very hot topic to discuss, Ajay. There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to the use of marijuana. Which side of the argument are you on? How does the counterargument disagree? Lastly, edit the end of your video. It ends abruptly.

Submitted by Anon (not verified) on

This was good video. It flowed very well as far as the transition to the second video. You expressed both sides of the argument which was very good. To make this video better I would state which argument that I am geared too as well as back it up with statistics. It would of been better if you included more information inside of your pop ups that with strengthen your argument.

Good Work Kid!

Submitted by Ramsey (not verified) on

Great topic, Osa! Your next steps are to edit the video without disrupting the flow. Each video was interesting and relevant. However, the changes you made did not improve the original presentation. Play with the tools some more and make another edition that shows your position and refutes the counterargument.

Submitted by Ramsey (not verified) on

The topic is interesting, Johandry. However, you did not state your position on the argument. Also, the clip of Grand Theft Auto doesn't have any popups. What is the purpose of the clip? Revise and edit so that the counterargument is presented and refuted.

Submitted by Dont Watch That (not verified) on

Overall the video was good. It included what your claim was, with supporting details from the video.
The video would of been better if it wasn't as long as it was, another video that shows the counterargument where you will then bring down their argument using statistics. You also should of included more pop ups with more information to keep the person watching engaged in the video.``

Good Work Kid!

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