The Galapagos Project, K-8 Organic Integrated Multimedia-based Curriculum

In June of 2009, 4 teachers at PS 334, The Anderson School (one of my AUSSIE schools) traveled to the Galapagos Islands to cap off the development of a school-wide multi-discipline curriculum-building initiative. To expand the potential value of this trip, we used a variety of technology-based resources including digital video and photos, collaborative online digital presentation software (, an integrated online curriculum map, and a project blog to create and share re-useable custom resources, and to enable teachers to interact with students from the islands.

The 4 Galapagos-bound teachers and I, along with their principal Brian Culot, organized a school-wide K-8 video production series integrated into science and social studies units on the Galapagos Islands. Each K-5 class was entrusted with becoming expert in a particular area of study, creating research-based scripts, and selecting supporting images from the Internet. Students then collaborated with their teachers, me, and TMS interns, to produce research-based videos to be posted on the school website and streamed to every classroom school-wide prior to the teachers' trip. Middle school students worked in small groups to produce videos on 8 themes targeting either grades K-3 or 4-8 audiences. These videos were uploaded to, where each class, school-wide, watched them, and posted follow-up questions for their teachers to answer while in the Galapagos Islands.

TMS interns, Caitlin Nagle, Kate Rosenbloom, and Henry Cohn-Geltner were critical in the completion of the collaborative videos. They worked with teachers and students throughout the school to shoot, record narration, edit, and critically consider how their production decisions would be interpreted by their audiences. Additionally, Henry wrote up the production notes for this project, and edited the Multi-discipline Integrated Curriculum Map to be used by Anderson, and the educational community at large in the future.

Outstanding work, interns -- we couldn't have done it without you!   Read Henry's notes, view all of the student productions, project notes, blogs, and all related resources in Henry's blog post: The Galapagos Project Curriculum Resources and Production Notes

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