Media Literacy Week 2017: Whole School Media Literacy Alignment.

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 09:13 -- Rhys
The Media Spot engaged the entire K-5 instructional staff at PS 682, The Academy of Talented Scholars (TAOTS), in a Media Literacy Planning Workshop in which each grade level will work backward from a Media Literacy Target Profile for their graduating 5th graders, by aligning and coordinating all media related practices towards that end.

Media Literacy Week 2017: Focusing on a Media Literacy Target

We are sharing the Google Slides above with the media literacy community as part of National Media Literacy Week. We hope that by sharing the TAOTS workshop process, and examples of how teachers on each grade level are extending their traditional literacy curriculum to guide students towards media literacy, we can spark ideas or questions from schools looking to integrate media literacy across their curricula.

Background: Media Literacy Audit

The Media Spot has been working with TAOTS to integrate media literacy throughout the K-5 curriculum and activate staff media literacy in their teaching practices and professional collaboration. In the Spring of 2017, we held our first media literacy audit workshop, where each grade level created a color-coded calendar of all media-related practices they were engaging in over the year. The result of the previous workshop put those practices in relief -- within and across grades. 
Now that they have separated out tech skill-building, computer science lessons, digital citizenship, media production and digital teacher-student workflow management, the focus of this week's workshop will be to look at how all of those components are building towards a "Target Profile of a Media Literate 5th Grade Student". 
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