TMS collaborates on Innovation Institute.

Rhys Daunic of The Media Spot has been working with physicist Peter Eisenberger and economist Graciela Chichilnisky, co-founders of Global Thermostat (a world-reknown innovator of carbon capture technology), to develop Elk Coast Institute for Mindful Sustainable Innovation (ECIMSI).

Rhys has worked closely with Eisenberger and chief operating officer Cory Smith on crafting the initial messaging (collaborative writing, video and web development) to articulate the vision, imaging programming, and draw innovators to the Institute.

From the ECIMSI website

ECIMSI connects current and future environmental innovators with each other while immersed in remote Northern California coastland to develop and foster global sustainability efforts that harmonize the needs of humankind with Earth’s natural ecosystems.

The institute’s mission is to establish and nurture a broad network of innovators, as they develop practices that allow them to disconnect from traditional paths of innovation and approach designing our future within a new paradigm for solving problems through collaboration and compassion.

These innovators will focus on targeting high-leverage solutions capable of producing widespread positive “butterfly effects” on both human and Earth systems, which will define the path we take in the Anthropocene Era.

Read more about the Institute's progress at

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