TMS Videos featured in the NCTE 2010 Film Fest.

These videos will be featured in the National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention November 20, 2010.

From NCTE:

"Elementary school students in three New York schools worked in teams to create some excellent short documentary films. The first two films focus on H.G. Wells’ classic story entitled The Invisible Man and how these students made this story come to life. Students in one 5th grade class created their own video production of The Invisible Man. In order to do this they created their own storyboards, used iMovie, and their own drawings for their original production. Students in other classes created Public Service Announcements and showed how they used 21st century literacy in their productions. Each production illustrates the creative talents that students possess. In What’s a PSA? students explain what public service announcements are all about. All of these PSAs are superb examples of what students can do. **Related teaching resources, production notes, tutorials, and student productions are freely available through"
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