media literacy

Informed by long-standing curricula in Canada, England, and Australia, U.S. educators at the 1993 Media Literacy National Leadership Conference agreed upon the following concepts that should be included in the analysis of media messages (Hobbs):

5 Key Concepts of Critical Media Analysis (1997).

Essential Competencies

  1. ACCESS: Finding and using media and technology tools skillfully and sharing appropriate and relevant information with others
  2. ANALYZE & EVALUATE: Comprehending messages and using critical thinking to analyze message quality, veracity, credibility, and point of view, while considering potential effects or consequences of messages
  3. CREATE: Composing or generating content using creativity and confidence in self-expression, with awareness of purpose, audience, and composition techniques
  4. REFLECT: Applying social responsibility and eth

Essential Competencies of Digital and Media Literacy (ECDML)


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