TR@TC Spring 2014 - Workshop 1.

What’s your motivation? (30 mins)

Goal: think about what’s important to you as an educator in the digital age?  Why incorporate digital media if it’s not required or tested?
  1. Take this quiz from Powerful Voices for Kids: What are your motivations for incorporating MLE into your practice?  
  2. Identify by show of hands who scored where
  3. Small group discussion: Go talk to someone who scored like you and make sense of your score. In your own words, why are you a [blank]? What questions from the quiz resonated with you?
  4. Whole group: Share out

What is the digital landscape of the environment you’re working in? (45)

Goals: think through the digital landscape of your school; identify gaps in your knowledge
  1. Sign in to (choose "With Google" option and use your TC account; share map with help under Related Tools)
  2. Start a map of the digital landscape at your school
  3. Add 'nodes' to outline your learning community: Self, Learners, Community, and Context.

Address the following in your Mind Map

  • Assess the media literacy of your community -- ability to access, analyze & evaluate, create and participate in the digital realm (see Related Standards)
  • Are there existing models of digital pedagogy in your school?
  • What are the learners like? Skills?  Access home/school?  Typists?  Mobile device carriers? Music/movie fanatics?  Gamers?
  • What tools are available to you and your learners? Stable Internet connectivity?
  • Is their Technical Support available?  Do the resources you have need maintenance?

Smackdown of early inquiry projects (30)

  • Individual work: Visit this page and write down your nacent ideas for inquiry projects
  • Individual work: Look over the wall for ideas that are similar
  • Group activity: arrange like ideas on the Padlet wall
  • Small groups: find someone you’re interested in talking to about developing an idea further
  • 5 min connection chat with potential partnerships

Readings for next time… 

Assignment for next time...

  • Decide on a partner to work with on an inquiry project
  • Make a copy of a media literacy planner, share it with your partner, and start working on the Essential Questions 


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