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TOOL showcase

  • All about using existing Web Content.  REMIXING, RECONTEXTUALIZING, CURATING, ANNOTATING
  • Benefits to this form in classroom production:  1) illustration of student writing, 2) highlighting examples from text (including multimedia texts) 3) kids can pull from social media, range of media, and connect prior knowledge, 4) kids don't have to generate original media -- they can build from web content
  • Rhys gives a quick run through of Related Tools (linked on this page): Storify, Mozilla Popcorn, Voicethread (see video) & other Annotation Tools in the 30 Apps in 30 Mins post (i.e. PoetryGenius)

Workshop: Experimenting & Outlining

The two activities below can happen simultaneously.

Organize in a media literacy planning template

  • What are the big ideas (standards,  skills,  motivations,  products)?
  • Think about the scope of work: unit, lesson, lesson structure, activity, platform for interaction (ongoing)
  • Identify the type of initiative/inquiry it is: production? whole class/small group/independent projects?  teacher lead production/activity? media analysis? exploration of tools related to standards? investigation of student habits through activities?
  • Summarize your inquiry project with your partner
  • Account for logistics (plan on self-support)

Create or Collect a model work sample

  • Create a model of what you or your students MIGHT produce (you can experiment with a digital tool you're considering)
  • If you're planning a tech-infused lesson that does not involve student production, work on a assembly (i.e. smartboard notebook file, develop a framework for analysis of media...)

Readings for next time...

Assignment for next time... 

* NOTE: the media literacy planner will not be graded, and it is not a requirement that this be filled in completely during this workshop series.  However, it will serve to keep Rhys & your instructors up on the basics of what you're exploring, allow a space for Rhys to give you feedback, and hopefully it will help you think through the broad range of considerations when merging media literacy with traditional curricula.  

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