TR@TC Spring 2014 - Workshop 4.

Review workshop themes to date

  • Intro: Media literacy definition and K-12 context/history in NYC. Example of integrated practice
  • Workshop 1: Identify your motivations to incorporate media as educators; Map the digital landscape of your school; Discuss of early inquiry ideas
  • Workshop 2: Identify your bias towards student outcomes from media literacy ed; Intro to online remixing and curating tools; Experiment with those tools; Start planning template with your current ideas
  • Workshop 3: Learning how to find new resources; Exploring and playing with (the greatest list of tools ever assembled) apps and archives of educational tech
  • Workshop 4 (TODAY):  Mock student activities & backwards mapping into shared media literacy framework (if time, if not, think about that on your own; GOALS: You understand student experience, relate activity to typical unit objectives, standards, etc.;  Collaborate in an online space around a common theme. 
  • NEXT 2 Workshops: developing your ideas for a final share! 

What projects, activities, or ideas are forming?

  • Mind map of the types of inquiries going on (project, ongoing activity, on-time activity, ripe themes);
  • Close your screens, turn and talk, what are you interested in, where does it fit in the map?  
  • Share out: What are the ideas that are in motion? What are the seed ideas?  What are ideas from within your plans that might be ripe for media literacy integration?  Is there someone you should be working with? 

Small group work: Experience a student activity

Option 1: Voicethread for Making Tutorials

Math tutorial exercise in Voicethread (this is similar to how one would use the Smartboard - pens, presentation, bringing in multimedia)

Rhys will show KA Coach's page, and Khan's strategy for helping (hints, video) as a model for the Voicethread.  

Model video tutorial: Khan academy video on Unit Sense

Your Activity Steps: 

  1. Work in pairs (make sure one of you is comfortable exploring the tool)
  2. Sign in here: (email: trtc1-5, password: trtc123 — I can add more as needed) 
  3. Choose your own math problem, go to MyVoice and "Create + Upload it", OR use something on the 2013 Integrated Algebra Regents (under MyVoice + Groups)
  4. Tech partner figure out the basics, while the other partner finds the problem to solve. Use the Tutorials links under MyVoice 

Consider the following as you're working:   

  • Who’s the audience for this tutorial?
  • What’s your strategy for reaching them?
  • What CCSS related to math or speaking and listening are engaged by this process?
  • What ideas did you get from this exercise to build on?   

Option 2: Close Reading exercise in Poetry Genius

Model: Ms. Joseph’s Hawthorne assignment and annotation guidelines

Adapt her assignment to the song of her choice (students prefer to write about pop culture - research says so!)

Your Activity Steps: 

  1. Work in pairs to choose texts, but use your own accounts to annotate it
  2. Start an account by following the student steps on this page (tutorials are included)
  3. When your account(s) are set up, decide on a text that your group wants to annotate and tell Rhys so he can create the educational page
  4. Start annotating your text according to Ms. Joseph's guidelines - try to use at least 3 of her suggested types of annotation.

Consider the following as you're working:   

  • Who are the potential audiences for your annotated text?
  • What’s your strategy for reaching them?
  • What CCSS related to ELA are engaged by this process?
  • What ideas did you get from this exercise to build on?

Share out things you "considered" while working on this...

Next Steps

By the May 1st Workshop: (TBD with Sabrina) Share a unit plan with me that you are considering adding something to, or have started working on (Format of your choice!) email it to me at rhys[AT], or (preferred) upload it to Google Drive and share it with rhysdaunic[AT]

Reading Suggestions

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