Project Showcase: Micro Documentary

"Micro Documentary" using the online and mobile video editing platform WeVideo shot during a lesson to capture process for reflection: Annotation in Poetry Genius.

The "micro" nature meant that minimal time and post-class editing were the goal. This was achieved by short shots, pausing while shooting, prepping kids and teachers before asking them to speak, and having teacher and kids re-state the lesson objectives.


Outline a plan for integrating media literacy concepts, or a digital project or activity that enhances components of a unit you are planning for the Integrating Seminar. Alternatively you could outline out a fresh idea you've been thinking about in class unrelated to your seminar work.

Outlining Format

Use the headings above.  You can either make your own mind map with this conent, or make an outline in a document using these headings.   View the template full screen here.

Examples of Outlined Projects

  1. Middle School Digital Accountable Talk
  2. High School Poetry Genius Annotation
  3. Middle School "Choose your own adventure" Google Site Storytelling
  4. The Leaves Keep Falling film content analysis
  5. Public Service Announcements (not outlined in this format) 

Task: Share your outline with Rhys

  • If a Doc: upload it to Google Drive rhysdaunic{at}
  • If a mindmeister mindmap: share with rhysdaunic{at}


Check the Diigo Reading List

Next time

We continue this process, adding hands-on workshop components during the first hour and share out the idea during the second hour.  Classmates will give ideas and help you develop the plan further and troubleshoot.  Plans can be open and added to as we discuss.  

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