Project Showcase: Micro Documentary vs. Polished in-class Documentary

WeVideo Micro Phone Documentary

"Micro Documentary" using the online and mobile video editing platform WeVideo shot during a lesson to capture process for reflection: Annotation in Poetry Genius.

The "micro" nature meant that minimal time and post-class editing were the goal. This was achieved by short shots, pausing while shooting, prepping kids and teachers before asking them to speak, and having teacher and kids re-state the lesson objectives.

Student made reflection 

PS 204 Culture Fair Reflections (see Related Videos)Students wrote reflective essays and explained their process using iMovie.

Polished in-class documentary

iPads in the classroom (see Related Videos)Shooting designed to capture process - more intrusive interviews.  Uses more sophisticated editing software (iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier, or advanced features in WeVideo) 


PS 204 Student ScreencastExplaining a process or creating a how-to video for students, teachers or yourself.  Screencasts capture what's on the screen while you explain what's happening.  Can use Screencast-o-Matic, Jing, Camtasia, Quicktime Player, or several iPad apps (i.e. Explain Everything).  You can approximate a screencast using a video camera shooting the screen, but it can be more difficult to see.  

Today's Goals

Document your own Unit

Last workshop we started outlining plans for integrating media literacy concepts, projects or activities that enhance components of a unit you are planning for your seminar. Some of you outlined fresh ideas you'd been thinking about in class unrelated to your seminar work.  Today we will continue this outlining process with the goal of having something you can take into the classroom next year.   We will start with hands-on building of outlines during the first hour and share out ideas during the second hour.  Classmates will give ideas and help you develop the plan further and troubleshoot.  Plans can be open and added to as we discuss.


Use the Outlining format below to create a presentation that walks a class through your project.  Work solo and present out, or group into a team and build a quick presentation that summarizes the project and shows off the tools it uses.  Use Quicktime Screen Recording to showcase your work OR try to shoot a short video with WeVideo. 

Next time

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