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PS124 3rd Grade Technology Intro Lesson

Google Map Image of PS124
Google Map Image of PS124

Intro to Mr. Rhys & The Media Spot (3rd Grade)

Google Map Image of PS124Intro to Mr. Rhys & The Media Spot (3rd Grade)

I am here to help you learn how to help you and your teacher use the computer for learning, and to help you create and publish writing, artwork and videos to the Internet.
While we talk today, your teacher will help connect what we are talking about to what your class has been learning this year.

For example, when I am explaining to you how we will be “publishing” your school work on the Internet, your teacher will help you understand what it means to “publish” something by treating it like any of your vocabulary words. Words like “Internet”, “Publish”, “Blog”, and “Keywords” can go on the word wall with other words you are learning in class this year.


  • the key to everything we do on the Internet
  • you’re going to learn by practicing with the Type2Learn game, and by typing your handwritten work onto the computer
  • everything we look at or add to the Internet is based on language used to communicate: letters, words, numbers (Math) — we have to know how to type to communicate

the Internet:

  • a way to find information on just about anything;
  • anyone can publish information here — INCLUDING US; Should you believe everything you read on the Internet?
  • examples:
    • Searching for pictures and information through “Search Engines” (,
    • Google Maps;
    • a place to publish OUR OWN information about what we’ve learned and what we think about things…


  • OUR class blog is our home page on the Internet (like: Last year’s PS124 blog); like a journal
  • a way to share what we’re doing with people all over the school and all over the Internet
  • examples of how we’ll use it:
  • typing writing from your writer’s notebook
    • answering math problems
    • posting artwork
    • eventually posting a video that we make
    • communicating with people from all over the Internet

WATCH the PS 124 Guacamole video and leave a comment on the PS124 blog. What did we like about it?

Talk to each other about what you might want to write on the blog.

NEXT LESSON: hand out computers

  • handle with care
  • they go back in the slots, and get plugged in (2 kids per computer)
  • I’ll be back on Friday/next week to practice the type2learn with you

NEXT LESSON: type 2 learn

  • this is a game that helps you learn to type
  • protocols for using the computers
  • if your computer is having problems, restart and follow along with your neighbor (take turns per lesson), show the guac video, show setting up the projector with the OSX laptop, show last year’s blog, explain this year’s quickly. To do ALL of this, we need to be able to type fast. It’s ALL based on Language — words, letters and numbers.
  • it’s important to follow the rules of the game — it may be more difficult at first, but it will make you faster the more you practice