K-12 Ed

Collaborative Media Making


By encouraging collaboration, metacognition, and self-reflection throughout our process, we facilitate new opportunities to connect with content, environment, and community while constructing powerful messages. See our latest Productions Behind the scenes The following videos show students thinking critically about the choices they make while constructing meaning with media, or reflecting on their relationship to media.

Website & Online Community Building


Our clients think critically with us about how to best present their story through affordable and low-maintenance web development software, develop authentic content, then we empower them to take control of the ongoing maintenance of their online identities. TMS-Built, School-run Websites All sites above were assembled by TMS using hosted WordPress.com templates (as is themediaspot.org!),

School Digital Media Architecture


We work with schools to strategically design their digital architecture in support of student media literacy development. Assessment of digital resources and staff readiness are followed by the establishment of systems for interaction and collaboration, and professional development to use these resources to support school objectives. G-Suite for Media Literacy & Digital Architecture For staff