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Digital Citizenship, Online Safety & Cyberbullying Resources (2012)

Below are a few links with resources that can be helpful for staying up-to-date on issues related to student and school use of the Internet and other new technologies.  For more resources, also try TMS bookmarks tagged: digital-citizenship, internet-safety, social-networking, parents.

student online safety best practices

  • no last names
  • don’t share personal addresses
  • don’t share phone numbers
  • don’t share personal email addresses
  • keep outside communication on school-related websites (i.e. school, class or student blogs)
  • teachers moderate/sign-off on all outgoing publishing by students
  • alert an adult when inappropriate content is encountered
  • know and follow your schools’ digital citizenship contract

Sample Digital Citizenship Contracts

Online Culture & Parenting resources

Social Networking & cyberbullying resources

Resource Centers:


Regulations & Standards

(Originally created for: PS 334, and PS 130)

Anti-Bullying Videos:

(Originally gathered for Soundview Academy)

NOTE: videos linked above will not be viewable in NYCDOE schools; to work around this, either download the videos first, or pre-load them from an admin office ethernet connection (as of March 16, 2011)