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MindMeister: Collaborative Concept Mapping in the Cloud.

MindMeister an online mind mapping and collaboration platform that runs inside your web browser and on mobile devices.

It can be used for live or remote online collaboration. It’s a great organizational tool for note taking, live collaborative story or concept mapping, and maps can easily be transformed into stand-alone or live presentations.

Accessing MindMeister

MindMeister is accessed at You can create a MM account, or sign in (link at the top right of page) by connecting MM to your Google, Twitter, Facebook, or other accounts (see image on right). Pricing MindMeister can be used for free in a limited capacity (3 live mind maps going at a time). There are educational pricing packages of Mind Meister available here: If your students or group have google apps accounts, I suggest connecting that way and trying the FREE version for starters.

School Project Examples

School Documentary Planning Map – Live discussion, brainstorming as a class, small group collaboration on script, small group sequencing and planning film shoot using the map. (see Related Projects)

K-5 School Media Literacy Curriculum Map – Overview of curriculum, workshop content, multi-user input, real time planning during meeting and broad plans. (see Related Notes)

Example: Digital Literacy Planning Framework

Key features

  • Real time updating and collaboration on shared maps
  • Make public or share Create “nodes”
  • Detach or “float” nodes, connect & label connections
  • Various content types: text, links, notes, images (no embedded video)
  • Customizeable look and feel: styles & themes, “keep aligned”
  • Presentation mode (see example)
  • Limitations: no video embeds, free to an extent, printing is not great

How will you use it?

How could MindMeister be used as in a collaborative discussion setting in your learning environment? How could MindMeister enhance your (collaborative) media-making process?

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