Teachers using video to showcase best practices at MS 88

Library Media Specialist, Kyra Wolfe has been working with TMS on K-8 media literacy integration since as far back as 2010. She activated her own media literacy by co-directing the following video productions.

Kyra specializes in integrating media literacy, project-based learning, and social-emotional learning into the library program at MS 88. Hers are among many technology-rich initiatives offered to students at 88 — otherwise known as the Park Slope Learning Complex.

In 2017, MS 88 Principal Ailene Mitchell was looking for ways to articulate to the extended school community the exciting student work being done in different areas of the school that can be difficult to put into words. She charged Kyra to work with The Media Spot to get in close using video to authentically capture students and teachers using Basecamp Learning Management System for self-directed Humanities and Science work, and in the Social-Emotional Learning programs lead by Kyra and Life Skills teacher extraordinaire, Dave Paris.

The resulting videos (above) were shown at school assemblies, on the school website (also built as a collaboration between TMS and MS88 staff), and used to spread the potential of these promising practices to MS 88 teachers.