K-12 Curriculum Development

TMS Approach to Project-based Media Literacy Education (2006)

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A Couple of Minutes, from our productions
A Couple of Minutes, from our productions

A Couple of Minutes, from our productions
A Couple of Minutes, The Atlanta School 1999

Our approach to promoting media literacy is to provide professional development and student services to educational communities through project-based media education. Through this web site, we provide access to the concept of media literacy through our resources, by outlining our collaborative production process, and presenting TMS productions.

Through this approach we hope to achieve the objectives outlined below.

collaborative production objectives:

  1. to empower youth to become informed and active 21st century citizens by developing media literacy and multimedia production skills
  2. to help youth identify media messages in society, understand how and why they are present, and think independently and critically about their relationship to those messages
  3. to empower youth to establish a voice using the dominant media of the 21st Century
  4. to empower educators to integrate media literacy themes and projects into their curricula
  5. to teach youth technical skills essential in the classroom and beyond
  6. to help schools efficiently and effectively utilize the technology they possess to enhance teaching and learning practices

objectives of this web site:

  1. to introduce our approach & rationale to educators interested in media literacy
  2. to share foundational resources that have helped us become media literate ourselves
  3. to support media education projects in the classroom
  4. to connect and share our productions with the world