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The TMS resources are here to provide support and context to media literacy education as we define it.

What’s inside

  • The media literacy page provides key definitions, concepts, and frameworks developed by TMS and national media literacy leaders
  • Our favorite media links to organizations in the field that provide online media literacy research, resources, and curricula
  • Our viewing list links to films that promote critical analysis of media, and cover the role of media in politics, the economy and culture
  • The reading list includes articles and books on media education, media studies, and novels that illustrate social issues related to media effects
  • Our glossary is a handy list of some key terms and concepts we mention often on this site related to what we do
  • The learning standards align our beliefs and core principles of media literacy education to international, national and local educational objectives

If you have a book, article, website, video, or other resources that you think we should include in our resources, please contact us.