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Rhys Daunic to speak in support of Fair Use at the National Constitution Center

The release of the Code of Best Practices for Fair Use in Media Literacy Education is on November 11th, and we’ll be there in support in Philly at the National Constitution Center.

I’m thrilled to be on one of the panels at the press conference, to represent how TMS has used copyrighted materials in the classroom over the years, and how the Code has made us more confident spreading those uses to educators as fair and legal. This is also the official release of the video we produced that will accompany the Code when it’s presented to teachers in the future. We’ll be posting the video here after the event, and it will also be available with the online version of the Code on The Media Education Lab’s website.

The event will be webcast on copyrightconfusion.wikispaces.

For more information about the Code and this event check out The Media Education Lab.


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