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Web-Native Production with Mozilla Popcorn Webmaker & Meograph

Use Mozilla Popcorn Maker or Meograph to create stories or messages by mixing existing online content with your own original media.

These tools are online content editors, or “web-native” production tools, that allow you to curate and layer online video, images, audio, and social media content.  Web-native media makers create interactive arrangements of online content that allow users a variety of non-linear options for engaging with curated content.

Web-Native Remixing

At the Modern Media Makers Workshop (M3) at the 2013 NAMLE Conference in Los Angeles, we worked with youth mentors from the Bay Area Video Coalition to use Popcorn Maker to create web-native projects that gathered and edited online videos, mixed them with interactive links and “pop-up” annotations to express their opinions or information on issues important to them.  See their work on Mozilla’s Web-Maker Blog.

See more examples of how others have used web-native production tools in media literacy education under TMS Bookmarks the left column of this page.

Mozilla Popcorn Maker

  • sign up for a mozilla “persona” profile that gives you access to other tools and makes only your email necessary for logging in — (totally free & open source)
  • Allows sequencing of content, editing of content, and robust unlimited layering of content (similar to non-linear digital video editing)
  • Plays like a video with interactive links and live features (i.e. Google Maps)


  • create a log in and connect other accounts (as in storify) that allow you to sequence, annotate, and narrate over combinations of content from the web. There are some paid educational options here.
  • Meograph allows sequencing of content but not editing of content.
  • Layer content in a formatted way (location, time, annotations, and narration).
    Record narration.
  • Plays through like a movie with interactive live links and features.