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Web-native curation with Storify.

“(Storify is) multimedia storytelling that can redefine how we think about organizing information, ideas, and identities… it helps us to understand curation as a habit of our everyday lives online… a natural way to report in a hypermedia age.” – Paul Mihailidis News Literacy Professor, Emerson College

What you can do with Storify

  • Gather, sequence, synthesize and re-present online content (from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, Vimeo, or anywhere else on the web)
  • Incorporate custom text between curated content
  • Add interactive links
  • Embed Videos
Open the interactive Mind Map

Storify for “Creative Synthesis”

At the URI Summer Institute in Digital Literacy Dr. Hiller Spires and I challenged teachers, librarians and college digital media professors to use Storify in a Creative Synthesis activity that had them place a statement on US Foreign Affairs in a sequence of supporting media gathered from the Internet.  See the mind map outlining the media literacy themes in the purpose and process that we outlined for the group.

Storify for Media Literacy

Whatever your students’ tasks are — gathering research resources, annotating an event, or presenting a point of view — Storify allows opportunities for them to EVALUATE and ANALYZE content as they gather and sequence content to CREATE projects considering key questions such as:

  • How do sequence and context affect each piece?
  • How do you effect the meaning of social media bits by removing them from their original stream and fixing them in your piece?
  • Are you subverting content or transforming media bits by putting them next to others? OR are you reinforcing or substantiating their intended meaning?
  • How does placing your media within curated media content help you make your point?

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The Media Spot collaborates with educators to integrate media literacy education into a variety of learning environments.