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Poetry Genius for Collaborative Text Annotation.

Rap Genius began as a rap lyric website, but it has since moved far beyond just rap, with unique home pages for Rock Genius, News Genius, and Poetry Genius.

Poetry (now ‘Lit’) Genius for ELA Text Annotation

Check out A Teacher’s Guide to Genius, and follow the resources ELA teachers at East New York Transit Tech High in Brooklyn are developing below.

PG in the Classroom: Students’ first steps

  1. Go to A Student’s Guide to Genius and read through the annotated introduction bullets.
    NOTICE: the yellow words pop up boxes with annotations featuring images, text and gifs with related information;  that is the nature of how this site works.
    MAKE SURE TO READ: Style Guidelines
  2. Once you understand the basics, create your account and Nickname [NOTE: no last names to protect your privacy; do not use a Facebook login because its blocked by the nycdoe firewall]
  3. Give your teachers your Nickname so you can get credit for your annotations [NOTE: you might want to use a code prefix for your students (i.e. PS130-Name) to help differentiate your students from others in PG]
  4. Visit your teachers’ “Artist Page”, and follow their instructions for annotating work according to your agreed upon strategies and rules.
  5. Use these Guidelines for Annotation