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TMS at Columbia Teachers College – Spring Workshop Series

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During the Spring 2014 semester, Rhys Daunic of The Media Spot will conduct a series of workshops on incorporating new media and technology into instructional plans for 18 Teaching Residents at Columbia Teachers College (TR@TC) working primarily in middle and high school placements around New York City.

Workshop Website, Readings & Resources

All resources related to this class will be linked from this page. (NOTE: resources have been archived since the completion of the class)


  • Residents explore and discuss concepts, issues, tools, and strategies common in K-12 media literacy education
  • Residents develop authentic instructional plans incorporating new media and technology to enhance existing curricula

Instructional Strategy

The workshops will follow a project-based inquiry model (modeled after the URI Summer Institute in Digital Literacy) in which students will: 

  • Explore existing models for classroom digital media integration through short readings on “hot topics” in the field and process-focused artifacts from other teacher’s experiences
  • Experiment with a range of digital tools manageable for classroom environments
  • Take inventory of the technological landscape in their schools of residence
  • Develop inquiry questions that merge new media with standard curriculum and media literacy-infused pedagogy
  • Form working groups to collaborate around similar inquiry questions during workshop time (and beyond)
  • Experiment with student activities and projects in the classroom
  • Produce and present an instructional plan (ideally featuring related authentic student work samples)