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The Climate Activists of Class 5-318

“Beware Climate Change, Class 5-318 is going to save the world!!!”

Climate Action Media Literacy Productions at PS 32

Class 5-318 at PS 32 in the Bronx infused the study of climate change, and climate action across all subjects in their curriculum in 2021-2022. TMS helped the students find their voices as activists and document their learning by studying climate-related media, and creating their own climate action media messages.

Each week they met with The Media Spot and theater artist Juliet Rosa of Truthworker Theater Co. to look at how other activists use different forms of media, and worked on original poetry, dance, podcasts (including an interview with artist and activist Alixa Garcia), mixed media graphic designs, and collaborative videos.

Student-Made Climate Action Messages by 5-318

Featuring green screen performance student camerawork, graphic designs that became our collaborative online storyboards, original poetry, dance choreography, music search for inspirational tone on Envato Elements and behind the scenes statements of purpose.

Visual Poetry

Original Poetry, Dance, Music & Graphics

A call to action

Students share facts about Climate Change & Call for Action (includes a behind the scenes look at the process)

Work in progress

Students learn to use the camera, and share early ideas


Collaborative Storyboards & graphics in Canva set up our poetry video productions

storyboard from poetry project
video poetry

Collaborative analysis of climate action media lead to brainstorming, and storyboarding

To study other artist/activists, and brainstorm our own ideas, we gathered and discussed materials on a few Padlet Walls. Much of the content you will see in the student productions was generated here.

Made with Padlet

Podcast Interview with “Cultural Architect” and artist Alixa Garcia

Students interviewed Alixa over Zoom, and added an original song, skit and poetry using student-lead recordings in SoundTrap. As a follow-up they made a Padlet storyboard to introduce the experience (below).

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Soundtrap project Engineered by Ephraim of 5-318!

Students generated a retelling of the experience using Padlet

Made with Padlet

By The Media Spot

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