School Digital Media Architecture


We work with schools to strategically design their digital architecture in support of student media literacy development.

Assessment of digital resources and staff readiness are followed by the establishment of systems for interaction and collaboration, and professional development to use these resources to support school objectives.

MindMap outline of the TMS approach to schoolwide media literacy planning.
MindMap of the TMS approach to schoolwide media literacy planning.

G-Suite for Media Literacy & Digital Architecture

For staff coherence, accountability, access to transparent curricula and school information TMS highly recommends the FREE intranet and learning management system knowns as G-Suite (formerly Google Apps for Ed).

G-Suite is the foundation for the systems we have developed with 20+ NYCDOE public schools for over ten years (which is also used by over 900 NYCDOE schools and counting.)  These tools (Google Drive, Classroom, Gmail, Calendar, Sites, etc.) can enable the building of a culture of efficient and empowering use of media to expand teaching and learning goals and dovetail with building a culture of strategic school-wide media literacy.

As with website development, we also empower designated staff to administer G-Suite accounts, email groups, etc. behind the scenes.

Google Drive as the online hub for Staff Documents & Transparent ‘Living’ Curricula

Most TMS schools have worked with us to set up a network of shared folders within Google Drive as a key element of staff cohesion around their curricula. Those folders become the hub for grade teams to collaborate in the cloud on curriculum maps and other resources related to curriculum and can be made visible to Administrators, coaches, and other grade teams if desired.

google shared drive.png