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TMS Student Videos Featured in the NCTE Film Fest

I am proud to announce that the work of several of the students and teachers I work with will be featured in an upcoming film screening at the National Council of Teachers of English Annual Convention on Saturday, November 20, 2010 in Orlando, Florida (my old hometown — go Braves!)  Congratulations to all collaborating students and teachers — your productions will demonstrate for teachers around the country how to successfully use media literacy concepts and new media to enhance traditional classroom work!


“The film festival is for those interested in the potential of film study in the teaching of English and language arts, and for those interested in using films on literary subjects within the English classroom.  This year’s NCTE film festival is dedicated to all English teachers because you are the ones who teach students and take the time to make a difference in their lives.  We have chosen many interesting films so please join us for the NCTE Film Festival!

…We are pleased to present these documentary films made by elementary school students in New York City with the help of media literacy consultant, Rhys Daunic. Rhys is co-founder and director of The Media Spot (TMS), and a consultant for Digital School Solutions (DSS). Through embedded professional development and classroom collaboration, Rhys worked with teachers and students to design and implement PSA production units aligning media literacy concepts with traditional learning goals through 21st century media to create these productions. Please enjoy these films made by talented elementary school students from PS 32 (in The Bronx, New York) with teacher Helene Sorkin, PS 124 (in Brooklyn, New York) with teacher Julian Marsano and PS 334, (The Anderson School in Manhattan, New York) with teachers Molly Cutler and Diane Kirksy-Floyd.


  • The Invisible Man – made by 5th grade students at PS 124 – 4:07
  • Digital Storytelling Documentary: The Making of 5-501’s The Invisible Man – made by 5th grade students at PS 124 – 5:14
  • What’s a PSA? This film was made by 3rd grade students from PS 334 – 5:20
  • Helping Haiti, PSA & decision-making discussion made by 3rd grade students at PS 334 – 1:55
  • Clean Water PSA – 0:45 Health PSA – 0:50 Recycle PSA, made by 3rd grade students at PS 334 – 0:43
  • Super Battery Fairy, a PSA about Recycling Rechargeable Batteries made by 4th grade students from PS 124 – 1:21
  • Making of Super Battery Fairy, Documentary made by 4th grade students from PS 124 – 2:15
  • Don’t be a Bully, PSA made by 5th grade students from PS 32 – 2:27

Elementary school students in three New York schools worked in teams to create some excellent short documentary films. The first two films focus on H.G. Wells’ classic story entitled The Invisible Man and how these students made this story come to life. Students in one 5th grade class created their own video production of The Invisible Man. In order to do this they created their own storyboards, used iMovie, and their own drawings for their original production. Students in other classes created Public Service Announcements and showed how they used 21st century literacy in their productions. Each production illustrates the creative talents that students possess. In What’s a PSA? students explain what public service announcements are all about. All of these PSAs are superb examples of what students can do. **Related teaching resources, production notes, tutorials, and student productions are freely available through”

Read more about NCTE and the Conference Schedule, and get the full lineup of featured films from the NCTE Film Fest Website.  The videos above are all featured in our Productions archive and on the respective school websites.

By The Media Spot

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