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A School Grows in Brooklyn, K-1 Media Literacy Documentary

Over the past year, I had the opportunity to work with the inspirational staff at the Brooklyn School of Inquiry, PS 686, on a series of documentary videos on their arts, enrichment and media literacy programs.

Have a look at selections from documentary video series we produced below, A School Grows in Brooklyn, which includes our documentary on K-1 Media Literacy.

Building a K-8 Foundation in Media Literacy from Scratch

Throughout their inaugural year, I worked with academic coordinator Nicole Nelson and principal Donna Taylor, developing a framework for how they will integrate media literacy skills and concepts into their curriculum.

As Nicole and I developed activities that used digital modes of communication to encourage student expression and critical thinking, we also collaborated to document best practices throughout the BSI curriculum using digital video.

Documenting the Process for Professional Reflection

At the end of year 1 BSI produced 29 videos celebrating and sharing the work of their staff, documenting the lives of their first crop of students, and defining the guiding principles of their school moving forward.

I am delighted that media literacy by name is a priority for “the city’s second most coveted gifted program” (WSJ), and look forward to working with them to develop this innovative curriculum as it eventually grows to include 8th grade.

By The Media Spot

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