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Rhys Daunic speaks to WPCTE on simplifying media literacy in the modern K-12 school

Rhys Daunic of The Media Spot was a featured speaker at the Western Pennsylvania Council for Teachers of English 2013 Spring Conference.   He presented recommendations for simplifying the blending of essential competencies of media literacy and the common core standards in K-12 curricula.  

The big idea

Teacher fatigue is related to Future Shock — a condition resulting from too much information too short an amount of time.  For teachers, they may be experiencing this in their personal lives adjusting to digital citizenship, and also as pedagogs situating shifts in culture into their practice while also dealing with the past decade of educational reforms and the emergence of the Common Core Standards. TMS suggests that the antidote to Digital and Pedagogical Future Shock is to identify and internalize core digital and media literacy standards that serve your core educational beliefs, and are flexible enough to move with the pace of change in culture and education.

Today’s Presentation Companion

For those of you in attendance, here are some links for you to follow along:

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