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30 Apps in 30 Mins at The NYC Gifted & Talented Symposium

Rhys Daunic will show the media literacy and enrichment potential of 30 Apps in 30 Minutes at the NYC Gifted & Talented Symposium on October 26, 2013.

Rhys Daunic will show the media literacy and enrichment potential of 30 Apps in 30 Minutes at the NYC Gifted & Talented Symposium on October 26, 2013.

My Bias

Merging media literacy with traditional content through digital production; critical thinking & creation vs. app-guided activities.  See the “Related Standards” on this page for what we’re trying to activate with these apps.

30+ Apps

App: A program or piece of software designed for a particular purpose; an application.

Most of the apps below are free, and available for mobile devices, or are “cloud-based” apps that can be run from modern internet browsers as well as mobile devices.  “See RP” and “See RT” refer to the Releated Projects and Related Tool feature posts on The Media Spot.  The BIG RED links will take you to more info on each app.  Don’t miss TMS’s full library of app links under TMS Bookmarks (left column, or below on Mobile devices)

Web Native Production

Mozilla Popcorn Maker, Media Breaker (new!)Meograph, TouchCast

Layer interactive media from the web onto videos: Remix the web; See RT Web-Native Production…, MediaBreaker has a built in media literacy guides for “talking back” to media by remixing or “breaking” existing content.

Web Native Curation & Annotation

StorifyVoicethreadGlogster, PoetryGenius (NEW!)

Recontextualize content from the web; Synthesize source material into a curated list, slideshow, or poster; See RT Web-native Curation…,  See RT Voicethread Resources

Video Production

iMovie (for iOS), WeVideo, Vine, AnimotoVimeoVimeo Video SchoolVimeo Staff Picks

Use Vine for “microfilmmaking” to play with larger concepts… See RT Unit Planning: Media Literacy in the PSA…, See RT Video Production Tutorials


Screen-cast-o-maticChrome Screencast

Capture video of your screen with audio for tutorial creation.  Also see Annotation Apps for iPad of which some have screencapture capabilities.


GoAnimate, Lego Stop Motion Animator, Toontastic

See RP BSI Enrichment Cluster

3D Making & Tools

Biodigital HumanAutodesk 123 3D Creation AppsPrezi

3D model of the human body, 3D sculpting and creation tools, and 3D Presentations

Mind Mapping


See RT Mindmeister…  See RP Grade-wide Documentary… and Middle School Accountable Talk

Text & Multimedia Annotation Apps

Explain EverythingDiigo Bookmarking & AnnotationGoodNotesSkitch

See RT iPad Documentary… See TMS Bookmarks for Diigo example…

eBook Readers for Text Coding & Annotation WhispersynciBooks Author

See RT iPad Documentary…  Read & listen at the same time on Kindle & Whispersync…  Create eBooks with iBooks Author (Mac only)

Programming & Coding

Code AcademyScratchMakey MakeyMinecraft

Read Program or BE PROGRAMMED “…do we direct technology, or do we let ourselves be directed by it and those who have mastered it?”; Code Academy teaches you different programming languages online, Connected to math skills…

Math Practice & Tools

Khan AcademyDuam Equation Editor

KA has video math lessons and trackable online activities (mobile & cloud-based)

Monitored Social Media (Learning Management Systems – LMS)

Google Apps for EducationEdmodo & Schoology

See RT iPad Documentary… (7 min video – includes some apps below)

Word Processing & Digital Student Portfolios

Google Drive & Evernote

See RT Cloud-Based Word Processing

Self-Publishing, Blogging & Web Development

Kidblogs & Edublogs, and Blogger

All can be connected to student Google Apps for Education accounts for online discussion with teacher oversight.
See RP Middle School Accountable Talk… 2 min video

Web Conferencing (Real Time & Asynchronous)

Voicethread, Google+ Hangouts, Skype

Collaborate with people around the world; have conversations live, or asynchronously See RT Voicethread Resources