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Flipping High School Math & Science Classes using the Cloud

The following was prepared for a workshop at Transit Tech CTE High School in Brooklyn, NY

Mind Map Framework for using Khan Academy

Khan Mind Map.png
Rhys will add discussion notes to this Mind Map

Workshop Goals

  1. Look at cloud-based tools and activities for using online content to give you more options for: differentiation, student independent study and study groups, and focused small-group work in the classroom
  2. Consider concepts, and remember that there are many other tools that just these for accomplishing these things in your classroom

When you arrive

  1. Go to a computer open and click Sign in in the upper right: Enter email: and your password
  2. Go to and click “Sign in with Google”
  3. Explore the learning map in Khan Academy (Math/Science/CTE)

Watch clips on Khan Academy

Khan Video on flipping the classroom

  • 00:25-2:25; basics: Video modules and practice problems
  • 3:30-5:00 Study Groups/Get Lecture out of the room
  • 7:20:8:39 Micromanaging of teaching to test

Read later: Edutopia Article on Flipping the Classroom

Show Google Sites & Presentations: Show how Lewis is using the Cloud and KA Practice (15 min)

  • Go to Ms. Lewis’ Algebra 1 Page on her Google Site:  Watch opening objectives (have Ms. Lewis explain what her kids do with this Powerpoint)
  • View her class instructions Slides 22-25
  • Try Khan Academy using the link in Slide 22 (explore the content area relevant to you)

Khan Student Data brief

  • Show the data (from Ms. Lewis’ Algebra 1 class)

Google Sites brief

Google Presentations brief

Discussion & Brainstorm

  • How would you use Khan to differentiate (i.e. a) set them up to do “X, Y, or Z” missions on Khan, b) having everyone do the same thing, and pulling small groups out to work on different skills, or c) other?)
  • How could you use the Khan videos to supplement your curriculum?
  • How could you create your own Khan-like experience using a Google Site?
  • How would you group students to efficient ways to assign remedial/enrichment tasks for students?  
  • How might you use the student data?
  • How could you get students engaged in completing Khan steps on their own?  
  • What additional PD would you need to make this work for you?  Click here and add your answer.


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