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Social Studies Voicethread – Remix the study guide.

Workshop agenda from TMS at Transit Tech High School to establish teaching practices that encourage students to collaboratively-produce study guides using digital resources.

Purpose, Objectives, & Teaching Strategies

  • Students will create an authentic study guide by creating Voicethread slideshows based on moments in history
  • Students have to understand major historical themes to connect images with “comments”
  • Students will work together using differentiated skills to complete the tasks (technical skills of image searching and following Voicethread directions, writing and revising writing, narration recording)
  • Students will share knowledge and contribute to a collaboratively-produced study guide by commenting on each other’s work

Step 1: Introduce basics to the students

  1. Go to click Sign In
  2. Assign working groups their login info: (TTech1-TTech12;  example — email:; Password: ttech***)
  3. Open a new tab and go to Google Images, find an image connected to the main idea of your subject, right click to open the image in a new tab or window and copy the URL (web address)
  4. Go back to Voicethread and click Create, then, Upload, and choose the URL option — Paste in the URL that you copied from your image
  5. Click Comment and choose the microphone, the video camera, or the text icon to add your narration to the image describing the significance of your image for the time period
  6. Repeat until you have 5 images with 5 comments that summarize the main points of one theme for this historical moment

NEXT STEPS: Collaborate, Remix, and Share

Share & Comment to build on each other

Students comment on each others Voicethreads to add info, fact check, add depth, and use the as study guides (i.e. for Regents Exams)

Remix the teachers Powerpoint

Upload a powerpoint lecture from the teacher, have the students replace the slides with their own media and comments

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