Students Document K-5 Best Practices & Milestones with Video

To commemorate and celebrate their first graduating class, principal Josephine Sportella asked TMS to work with students to create a series of videos to share their memories with the school community, and in the process, create the most authentic archival assessments of the school story.

Rhys Daunic, the founder of The Media Spot, has been working with TAOTS, a public K-5 school in Brooklyn, on media literacy curriculum development, classroom media projects, student documentary video productions and school communication since they opened in 2009.

The “Happy” music video was the final installment of the first graduating class’ ongoing documentary series. It was outlined and directed by 5th grade students to kick off their graduation ceremony with some energy, and start the tears flowing with sentimental thoughts from each member of the class!

The TAOTS Highlights video is a combination of student-produced work, and work that was outlined by Josephine and produced by Rhys to capture processes in the classroom that she feels exemplify the schools’ best instructional practices.

This work will continue with the upcoming 5th-grade class, bridging their writing curriculum with their NEW media literacy cluster class! Stay tuned for more!

By The Media Spot

The Media Spot collaborates with educators to integrate media literacy education into a variety of learning environments.