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TMS returns to faculty at Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change

The Media Spot founder Rhys Daunic returned to the 2014 Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change (SAC) to work with Sanjeev Chatterje, founder of Media for Change, to mentor international students in the production of these two short videos.

SAC draws students and faculty from 5 continents to the Schloss Leopoldskron for 3 weeks (home of the Salzburg Global Seminar since 1946) where they explore two questions: “How do news media affect our understanding of ourselves, our cultures, our politics?” and “How can we use media to better cover global problems and to better report on possible solutions?”

Meta videos created with students during the Academy

The SAC students working with Rhys and Sanjeev was challenged with uncovering and articulating what makes the Academy meaningful in one video, and in another, answering the question, “What can media change?” The students developed interview questions for students and faculty, recorded interviews, filmed academy members at work, edited, discussed, and repeated the process until they screened the videos for the entire academy in the Schloss.

This process engages media literacy skills by having students simultaneously seeking answers to authentic inquiry questions through their mediated interactions, while also considering how to best synthesize and communicate their findings to real audiences.  They improved their technical production skills, and expressed that by working to answer these questions left with a deep understanding of what happened during the process, and how they can approach change through media in the future.

By The Media Spot

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