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Media Literacy in the Public Service Announcement (PSA)

At any level within K-12 schools analyzing and/or making Public Service Announcement (PSA) is a fantastic way to engage students in real-world issues, argumentative writing, and civic action.

Deconstruction and Brainstorming Resource

PSA Mind Map
Use this Interactive Mind Map to guide discussions and brainstorming

Middle School Guide to the PSA

Student Examples: Classic TMS PSAs!

Suggested Process for Producing Class PSAs

Identify a problem, and research solutions

  • What is the issue you want to change?
  • Who is the audience that can help you make that change?
  • What do you want that audience to do?
  • What tone will you create with the elements of video (images, sounds & words) that will move your audience to take action?
  • How will you reach your audience?

Deconstruct and discuss examples of PSAs to understand choices (media & tone)

Decide as a class what you want to say, and how you’ll say it

  • Decide on tone
  • Roughly outline beginning/middle/end
  • Establish roles: actors, writers, directors, camera operators, video editors…

Develop a Script and Storyboards

  • Write persuasive essays or poems and adapt into scripts, AND/OR
  • Write the PSA using storyboards along as a form of writing

Production: Shoot, search for and make the video, photos, graphics, and sounds you need

Post Production: Editing

  • One or many small groups mix together media based on the storyboards
  • Option: divide up the media onto different computers then put them back together into one final production or upload separate parts to the internet to assemble
  • Option: collaborate with teachers/professionals as needed; be sure that students are making critical decisions about how meaning is made

Activate the videos to impact real audiences!

  • Share widely with classes, assemblies, or publishing parties
  • Post to the school website
  • Submit to social action video contests and campaigns
  • Poll and hold discussions with real audiences