Gun Control Media Action Project by High School Students

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Between Parkland & SantaFe shootings a high school Government class collaborated with themediaspot to create this piece on gun control in the USA. Students mashed up images, stats, music, video, interviews & original music & poems to share their POV in a town hall screening with city school safety officials.

Students in Ms. Cherry and Ms. Patryzkont’s Participation in Government class researched gun laws, the uniquely troubling history of gun violence in the U.S. through analysis of articles and documentary videos.

They developed their positions on the subject through writing and reflection and, with collaboration from The Media Spot, adapted their writing into a series of productions using online media editing programs to mash-up images, text, music, video, and person-on-the-street interviews.

Those pieces, including original “bop poems” workshopped with Truthworker Theater Co. and behind-the-scenes footage of their project-based learning process resulted in this thought-provoking film that showcases the range of perspectives that an IDP class can bring to the table.

As a culminating event, the film was screened for the school community followed with a roundtable discussion including IDP students, IDP school safety agents, the deputy borough president, and the head of school safety for the NYCDOE.

Tools: WeVideo, Edpuzzle, Google Classroom, Padlet, Google Docs, Final Cut Pro