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The Target Student Media Literacy Profile

Wherever media is used in education, it can steer students towards this target profile of a media literate citizen.

To guide K-12 technology and media literacy integration, we suggest using a simple target profile of a student who is empowered with adaptable and flexible modern literacy skills and working backward from that objective when designing any use of media in teaching and learning.

Below is the profile we start with when working with K-12 schools. As pockets of media-literacy practices take hold.

media_literacy_target_student_profile(Download a Printable PDF)

Devleop a Scope & Sequence to build towards the Target

To ensure that your school — across and within each grade level — is incorporating digital skills and media-literacy concepts that build cohesively toward the media-literacy profile you have envisioned for your graduates, we suggest aligning them vertically using The Media Spot’s Media Literacy Scope and Sequence Template.

Video: Students Demonstrating their Media Literacy

These 7th Graders at Brooklyn School of Inquiry had 6 years of media literacy education under their belts at the time this video was made. Their explanation, using examples of their work and authentic experiences, demonstrates the Target Media Literacy Profile.


By The Media Spot

The Media Spot collaborates with educators to integrate media literacy education into a variety of learning environments.