K-12 Media Literacy Development

We work directly with administrators and teachers to introduce, locate, streamline, and extend media literacy in schools.

How We Work in K-12

We help K-12 schools adapt their curricula to a constantly evolving mediated and technological world without losing track of the objective of media literacy education: empowering lifelong learners to ACCESS, ANALYZE, EVALUATE, CREATE and ACT using all forms of media.

To leverage media culture to enhance each school’s vision, we use a scope and sequence-based approach which:

  • Vertically aligns how students develop ISTE competencies and media literacy: tech skills coupled with habits of mind to make self-aware choices as media makers, readers, and participants that expand their options as learners and citizens
  • Collects and maps where and when students will learn basic operational media and technology skills to modernize and enhance current curricula
  • Integrates media-related priorities as they emerge (i.e. digital citizenship, information and news literacy, computer science, STEM)

We collaborate with teachers, administrators, and students through:

  • Lesson and unit planning, demonstrations, coordination and/or co-facilitation of interdisciplinary project-based learning experiences
  • Multi-teacher workshops for curriculum design with corresponding “lab site” demonstrations and debriefing
  • Development of pacing calendars, custom Media Literacy Scope and Sequences that blend media literacy and ISTE standards into school-wide learning objectives
  • Administrative visioning (including on the purchasing and management of digital resources)
  • Multi-school media literacy curriculum exchange workshops

By The Media Spot

The Media Spot collaborates with educators to integrate media literacy education into a variety of learning environments.