K-12 Media Literacy Development

We help K-12 schools adapt their curricula to a constantly evolving digital culture without losing track of the objective of media literacy education: empowering lifelong learners to ACCESS, ANALYZE, EVALUATE, CREATE and ACT using all forms of media.

Digital citizenship, information and news literacy, computer science, STEM and student technology skill development all fall under the “big tent” of media literacy. Through professional development and strategic planning on the ground, we help schools build vertically-aligned plans for fostering student media literacy year-to-year taking students from basic tech skills to critically choosing their own digital resources to research, curate and communicate.

How We Work in K-12

We collaborate with teachers to:

  • Extend literacy to include critical analysis (reading) and production (writing) of media in all its forms
  • Activate teachers and student Media Literacy to serve teaching and learning in conventional curricula

On the schoolwide level, we offer:

  • direct collaborative planning with teachers and model teaching with students
  • development of custom Media Literacy Scope and Sequences, and Target Media Literacy Profiles that build media literacy while enhancing schoolwide learning objectives
  • in-school multi-teacher workshops for curriculum design with corresponding “lab site” demonstrations and debriefing
  • collaborative planning of interdisciplinary project-based learning experiences
  • administrative visioning (including on the purchasing and management of digital resources)
  • multi-school media literacy curriculum exchanges