PS 130 Grade 2 Social Studies Accountable Talk Voicethreads.

The second-grade teachers at PS 130 in Brooklyn are experimenting with integrating student multimedia production through iPads in their units of study on NYC communities, restaurants, and birds.  They are taking the approach of rotating students through small production groups so that on any given unit there are designated digital production groups adapting written work.


  • Documenting kids working collaboratively using accountable talk sentence stems
  • Documenting kids building on each others’ conversations according to agreed-upon rules
  • Activate unit vocabulary by connecting them with content-based images
  • Adding to, revising or supplementing existing writing with new media
  • Archiving learning by capturing student reflections
  • Designing as a CCSS-aligned performance task (required by NYCDOE) focused on Speaking and Listening standards

News station umbrella theme for Accountable Talk

Ongoing small group reports based on 2nd grade voicethread graphic organizers (Google Doc)

Progress Report and adjustments after the first run (Fall Newsroom) (AS OF 1.30.13)

  • Classes will have their own Voicethread projects per unit, rather than all classes collaborating on the same project.
  • Teachers will have one 2-3 student group report per week topics within the unit.
  • Students will rotate through production roles: Host, Photographer, Speaker.
  • Students will create storyboard that links their images to their script (graphic organizer).
  • Students will be given time to comment on other classes’ Voicethreads, and pull ideas from other classes.
  • 20 weeks left in school, goal is to get all students to report within a unit.
  • As of 3.20.13 we are adding the option of using the iPad app ShowMe to allow students to produced annotated videos and publish directly to the internet.