PS 130 Grade 2 Social Studies Accountable Talk Voicethreads.

The second-grade teachers at PS 130 in Brooklyn are experimenting with integrating student multimedia production through iPads in their units of study on NYC communities, restaurants, and birds.

Tools, Apps & Texts

Google Docs for K-5 Word Processing (2009)

Several classes at PS 124 have been using Google Docs for word processing for the past few weeks. Google Docs is a program that performs the basic functions of an office program like Microsoft Word, but the major difference is that it is accessed on the Internet. Having this free word processor online allows students to access their documents from any computer that is connected to the Internet. The ability to access school documents from Macs or PCs, at school or at home, is revolutionary for technology integration at schools, who are routinely faced with limited computer maintenance, and are rarely equipped with shared file servers.