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TMS writes chapter on Blending the Common Core with Media Literacy

The Media Spot’s Rhys Daunic contributed the following chapter to Media Literacy Education in Action, Theoretical and pedagogical perspectives, edited by Belinha S. Deabreu and Paul Mihailidis.

Emerging from k-12 future shock (Abstract)


How to blend digital and media literacy into the common core standards, by Rhys Daunic

Throughout the digital revolution of the past ten years, k-12 schools have reacted to the cultural embrace of new media with caution. Existing educational institutions have lacked the dexterity to incorporate new forms of media, and reconfigure their curricula and teaching practices to accommodate an expanded idea of literacy in the emergent digital landscape.

This chapter attempts to identify the challenges of a range of public new york city schools, and examines strategies for transforming curricula through incorporating media literacy concepts within existing standards, establishing adaptable digital media production skills in young students, and embrace the openness and adaptability of today’s public within public education.

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