K-12 Curriculum Development Productions

Imagining a rooftop greenhouse learning lab in Brooklyn

Working with students, parents, teachers and Principal Donna Taylor, TMS helped Brooklyn School of inquiry (and donors!) imagine a sustainable rooftop farm for interdisciplinary, hands-on learning to serve students and educators across New York City and beyond.

K-12 Curriculum Development Presentations & Notes

TMS at NYCDOE G&T Conference: Enrichment for All

Rhys Daunic and Emily Bailin of The Media Spot ran the following workshop for teachers and adminstrators at the NYCDOE Enrichment for All Conference June 7, 2016 at the Brooklyn Marriott.


BSI Movie Magic – Altering Reality for Audiences

How do moviemakers change how we see the world? How do they make what’s impossible in the real world, sometimes seem like reality? How can we as filmmakers help the public understand how video production can change how people see the real world?

TMS Custom Resources

Vertically Integrated Schoolwide Media Literacy Planner (2013).

To simplify the infusion of digital and media literacy into complex public school curricula, TMS often suggests “production-based media literacy”, which recommends that schools: 

K-12 Curriculum Development

A School Grows in Brooklyn, K-1 Media Literacy Documentary

Over the past year, I had the opportunity to work with the inspirational staff at the Brooklyn School of Inquiry, PS 686, on a series of documentary videos on their arts, enrichment and media literacy programs.