ecomedia literacy


Mixed generations produce media in the wild

Participation in collaborative video productions while immersed in nature encourages intergenerational campers to interview each other, frame moments they find most magical, and think critically about what makes this experience special in the editing process. The end result, a documentary recap of each years’ camp.  (more…)


NASA Climate Change in the Classroom Workshop Video

Rhys Daunic of The Media Spot produced this workshop video at NASA Godard Institute for Space Studies with Carolyn Harris of RealWorldMatters, and Ryan Goble of Mindblue Inc. to capture the learning experience of 33 teachers from New York City and Illinois as they discussed climate change education with NASA scientists. (more…)


Campers young and old frame the action at The Generation Connection camp 2012.

It is always a goal of TMS/TGC productions to expose this decision-making process within our videos to not only demonstrate the building of media literacy that goes on at camp, but to expose our audience to those lessons as well. We hope to engage viewers in critical thinking about the constructedness of all media as they watch campers make editorial choices, and also transparently share the camp video production process to those who would like to try it for themselves. (more…)